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Midview City
Singapore 573970
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E: info@mediatec.com.sg

Vision, mission & values

Our Vision

Grow beyond our role as an established supplier in the Data Management Business to be the leading and preferred supplier of innovative automatic data capture, mission-critical mobile computing systems, application-specific wireless communication products, easy-to-use human centric point of sales, printing & media, services and solutions.


Our Mission

We positioned ourselves as a solution provider in the region and beyond to deliver and supply innovative and high performance products, value-add solutions and quality services. We strive to be identified by our customers, principal suppliers, partners and associates as a company with high value and integrity.  Delivering quality products, solutions and services through our 3Is - Integrity, Initiative and Innovation.


Our Values

Values that we aim to achieve in our everyday work to help us realize our vision and mission.


Committed to deliver our products and services with integrity - to be your trusted and reliable supplier.


Although technology is imperative towards maximizing productivity, increasing revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction, we understand that each customer culture is unique, and our people has the initiative and expertise to help you to identify your business and application needs, to propose the right products and solutions that is best suited for your business - putting our customer first. At Mediatech, we took the initiative to go the extra mile for our customers and associates.


Life span of products and services is increasingly dwindling as today’s customers are overexposed to new technologies, products and services. We constantly innovates our product line and solutions to maintain competitive differentiation and ensure customer preference for our products and services – creating innovative experience, and consistently efficient as well as effective services for our customers.   At Mediatech, we are able to offer a portfolio of innovative products, solutions and technologies that can be transformed into real-life application tools to help you gather and communicate information timely, easily and conveniently.  The company is also in continuous pursuit of innovative solutions and creative ideas to enhance our operation, people, knowledge and expertise.