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Printers and media 



Extensive portfolio of durable barcode printers such as desktop printers, Industrial printers, mobile printers, RFID printers and large selection of quality media including labels, tags, receipt paper, thermal and RFID wristbands, ribbons and more for all your printing applications.



Mobile printers | Zebra




The Zebra iMZ mobile printers are a perfect blend of features, price and design.   A medium duty-cycle printer for simple receipt, and invoice printing on demand.   Lightweight and compact size makes it easy to wear for extended periods of time, while the sleek design is perfect for customer-facing environments.  Choose from a variety of wireless options, including the ability to work with the latest smartphone and tablet operation systems. 


Industry / Applications
  • Hospitality – Table-side, events ticketing and activities.
  • Retail – Mobile point of sales, queue busting, outdoor sales.   
  • Transportation & logistics – Proof of delivery, Route sales etc.
  • Mobile workforce – field maintenance/installation, parking violations. 



Zebra's user-friendly QLn mobile printers help you print barcode labels and more, wherever and whenever needed.  Optimised for high duty-cycle label and receipt printing and designed to enhance business processes through easy integration and operation, the QLn Series printers deliver higher workplace performance. And, with fast processing, large memory and a range of accessories, QLn printers help increase both user and operational efficiencies.


Industry / Applications
  • Manufacturing – Shipping/receiving, pick-pack-apply, asset management, shelf/bin/box/pallet.
  • Transportations & logistics – shipping, receiving, cross-docking.
  • Retail – Omni channel fulfilment, distribution centres, in-store shelf label, price markdowns.  



With class-leading battery power, versatility, durability and easy remote management at an affordable price, the ZQ300 Series comes in two designs to meet your business needs.   Whether your workers are printing out price markdown labels on the sales floor or leaving a delivery notice at the customer’s doorstep, they need a mobile printer that’s fast, flexible and reliable. The ZQ300 is the little mobile printer that can do it all.


Building on the legacy of the legacy iMZ Series mobile printers, you can choose from two design models, each available in two different print widths, to fit the needs of your business. An inside-the-four-walls model enables associates to ring up sales anywhere in the shop, prevent abandoned sales and improve the shopper experience. An outside-the-four-walls model can handle the elements, generate high quality receipts and guarantee power for the longest shift in the field. All models offer the fastest wireless connections available; class-leading battery and power technologies for full-shift power; enterprise durability to handle everyday drops and bumps; and powerful remote management capabilities that significantly lower your total cost of ownership.


Industry / Applications
  • Field service - Invoices/receipts, inventory list, schedule printouts, parts reconciliation. 
  • Government - eCitations and parking violations.
  • Transportations & logistics – invoices/receipts, proof of delivery etc. 
  • Retail – mobile POS, gift registry, shelf labels etc. 

Zebra’s compact ZQ500 Series mobile printers are the industry’s most rugged, featuring a military-grade design, the latest connectivity options and user friendly functionality to keep you operating in the most challenging environments.

Industry / Applications
  • Retail / distribution – quick checkout, field sales automation, route sales/Direct Store Delivery etc.
  • Government – e-citation / parking violations.
  • Hospitality – Ticketing
  • Transportations & logistics – Proof of delivery & pickup, fleet management, passenger services.
  • Manufacturing