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Printers and media 



Extensive portfolio of durable barcode printers such as desktop printers, Industrial printers, mobile printers, RFID printers and large selection of quality media including labels, tags, receipt paper, thermal and RFID wristbands, ribbons and more for all your printing applications.



Industrial printers | Zebra


The next generation XI series, now with more intelligence and industrial brawn
The ZT600 Series advances the legacy of the Xi Series printers to combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform. These next-generation workhorses are designed to help you navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape. So, whether you’re concerned about growing production line demands, increasing operational complexities, integrating disparate systems or controlling investment costs, the ZT600 Series industrial printers have you covered today – and for years to come.


Industry / Applications
  • Healthcare - Lab/Blood bank/Pharmacy labeling, & asset tracking. 
  • Manufacturing - Work in process, package labeling, receiving/put away labeling, & product ID/Serial numbers
  • Transportations & logistics - order picking/packing, shipping/receiving, cross docking, & compliance labeling
  • Retail - Distribution centres & back-of-store operations. 



Taking the 105SL Plus to a new level with expanded performance and value 

Building on the legacy of the industry-leading, 105SLPlus printer, the ZT510 includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point. The ZT510 provides a proven, durable design and construction while adding advanced management and monitoring capabilities. That means you get 24/7 reliability to keep your operations running smoothly today, plus longevity and advanced functionality to power through every challenge in the years to come — all at an exceptional value.



Industry / Applications
  • Manufacturing - product identification, package/receiving/put-away labeling, & work-in-process.
  • Transportations & logistics - order picking/packing, shipping/receiving, cross docking & compliance labeling. 




Rugged durability with many features and designed to grow with evolving needs. 

The ZT400 Series is designed for durable, reliable printing in tough environments. Loaded with advanced features, RFID capabilities and Zebra’s Link-OS environment, the ZT400 is ideal for a wide array of applications.


Industry / Applications
  • Healthcare – lab sample tracking
  • Transportation – cross docking, receiving/shipping, reverse logistics etc.
  • Manufacturing - work-in-progress tracking, compliance labelling, quality control etc.
  • Retail – order labelling, asset management, iventory management. 




Boost productivity in the most demanding conditions with Zebra's most rugged line of Industrial label and tag printers. Count on high print speeds and outstanding quality.


Industry / Applications
  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportations